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Bay Area Construction Project Management

Bay Area Construction Project Management

Larry Lambert - LCM Consulting Inc.Larry Lambert studied Architecture and Structural Engineering at Dunwoody in Minneapolis, MN. He later worked, for two years under the Engineer who represented the State of Iowa on defects and structure failures. Larry then worked as a Facility Engineer for nine years consolidating distribution locations throughout North America; resolving issues related to building defects, managing facility modifications and new construction necessary to fit the needs of the company.

During his time as a Facility Engineer, Larry saved his company over $8 million dollars in creative cost saving ideas. Later he started his own company designing and building custom homes inside one of the largest HOA’s in the country located in central Arkansas. Larry resided in Central Arkansas for nearly 20 years servicing individuals and other contractors by using creative solutions to unique problems in framing and design.

In early 2001 he moved to California and worked under another consulting firm representing Common Interest Properties in setting up repair plans for exterior envelopes, roofing, wood decks, membrane decks, paving and painting projects. During this time Larry created a unique solution to replace radius trim at a complex in Half Moon Bay and was recognized nationally by Hanley Woods Publication for bending trim in a heat chamber in order to reduce segmented joints and insure the watertight integrity around windows and doors.

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